itracMarketer is a complete email marketing and CRM solution that can do everything!

From customer acquisition, using lead generation features and tactics, to ongoing customer management throughout the sales and marketing life cycle. ItracMarketer is here to improve your marketing initiatives.

So, what can be done in itracMarketer?

As a user, you can create a landing page and a form for your website. Then, you can combine these with a multi-step drip email marketing campaign to create engagement, capturing information on leads. Capturing leads is golden to any business because these can then be turned into customers!

Once a lead is in the itracMarketer platform, you can keep track of every interaction including their activity on your website, as the iProfile is automatically populated. Send your clients professionally-designed emails to notify them of opportunities and events.

You can also ensure that your communications will be CASL compliant by tagging your contacts with the appropriate consent status. You can also set up a workflow to notify appropriate staff when a lead or customer makes a move that requires action. Discover hot prospects and manage leads with automation to stay on top of the sales cycle.

Need a solution to manage both your marketing and sales efforts? Contact us  at itracMarketer  – All in one Platform.