Salesforce, Office 365, Social Media & CRM Integrations

itracMarketer intuitively brings all your apps together under one roof. Connect with countless third-party software providers and integrate your marketing platform with the world.

Sync Salesforce leads in real time.

Set tasks, automate triggers and keep your sales team informed with lead intelligence as it happens. Both databases work together in perfect harmony, thinking and acting as one.

Office 365 & Outlook

Integrates seamlessly with Office 365 so you can depend on one platform for all your email messaging.

Save Outlook emails, track statistics, sync meetings, add leads and contacts – and send emails that are CASL compliant.

Integrations - WordPress


Capture new leads and contacts, track behaviour and send updates.

We help power, analyze and optimize your WordPress content marketing and distribution.


Post directly to Facebook

Track engagement, and sync your followers with itracMarketer’s lead database.


Manage your follows

Generate short URLs and see what clicks on Twitter – all from itracMarketer.


Save time

Streamline your LinkedIn activity by posting directly from itracMarketer. Automate future posts, receive analytics and more.