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Does your Health and Wellness franchise need better marketing and CRM to create more customers and manage better relationships?

Leverage a Marketing CRM to drive your business

Store all marketing activity, channel preferences and permission for each individual contact to make your personalized communications deliver results. The CRM makes it easy to consistently track and follow up with all of your customers or potential customers. Whether your corporate focus is products or services you can orchestrate one-to-one messages from front-line staff and sales teams, schedule follow-up activity or trigger offers to lapsed or preferred clients. Using the Marketing CRM is core to all digital and direct marketing activities.

Increase sales with Marketing Automation

Automate key steps in your sales, marketing and customer service processes. Monitor customer behavior at key points in each process, allowing you to then initiate the next step in your marketing or service sequence. Build a lifecycle of activities that will nurture and grow your customers will minimizing marketing resources and increasing productivity.

Software that delivers financial benefits to your wellness business.

You’ve got a good-sized email list. You’re executing a structured marketing plan that includes email newsletters, social media, and frequently updated case studies, whitepapers and videos. But you still can’t tell when someone’s getting closer to a purchase, and as a result you’re almost certainly missing opportunities. Tying together your marketing and sales processes with itracMarketer will improve your bottom line results.

Personalize your communications.

Is your marketing one size fits all? treating prospects and long-time customers as if they have the same interests or value? You’re sending membership upgrade promotions to folks who haven’t even joined yet, and “try us for a week” promos to long-time customers? itracMarketer can help you solve this problem by making it much easier to tailor your marketing to different customer segments. Now, you still have to know what you want to say and do with each segment — but itracMarketer automates the process and can deliver dynamic content once you figure out those strategic questions.

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Health and Wellness clients
Health and Wellness clients
Health and Wellness
Customer Spotlight

As seen on Dragon’s Den – Massage Addict

Massage Addict chooses itracMarketer to help drive record setting growth.

Massage Addict is a new concept in massage therapy, and has quickly become a Canadian franchise success story: After receiving a stunning vote of confidence from the Dragons of CBC Television’s “Dragon’s Den”, Massage Addict has steadily expanded from one location in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2008 to 35 locations across Canada. Massage Addict also plans to debut 10 more locations before the end of the year, making it the largest and fastest growing membership-based massage brand in Canada.

Massage Addict uses itracMarketer to manage their head office and franchise customer databases and marketing communications. ItracMarketers’s marketing automation, CRM, and automated data loader, enable Massage Addict to quickly scale up and add franchises as quickly as they can open them.