What is CASL?

CASL is Canada’s anti-spam legislation, Bill C28, and it has been in effect since July 1st, 2014 and all company email communications and consent databases are expected to be in full compliance. The maximum fine for non-compliance is $10 million. Is your email database compliant?

Since launch several organizations have been held accountable for non-compliant email practices with one CASL fine in excess of $1.0 million dollars.

Our compliance solutions

The itracMarketer CASL Compliance Management tool was uniquely designed to keep your business safe after working closely with a team of CASL experts from Ottawa. It offers you everything you need to manage your company’s CASL email marketing database and sales communication compliance requirements.

Stay on the right side of the anti spam legislation in Canada and avoid any fines, consumer legal threats or issues related to your email marketing practices.

One comprehensive cloud software package. Complete CASL management. Risk-free results.

CASL management solution for sales teams

The CASL Management for Sales validates EVERY email sent by a salesperson from a company’s email application. For example, Microsoft Outlook.

How it works:

Messages from an individual will pass through a CASL compliant filter to check for valid CASL consent status. It automatically notifies the individual for emails that cannot be delivered due to lack of up-to-date permission or consent.

The CASL Management for Sales is a light-weight solution that provides assurance and does not get in the way your employees conducting their day-to-day business.

Reduce corporate risk

  • You have spent countless marketing dollars on building your email database.

  • You need to protect your investment with a solution that will automatically manage the consent of your customers as well as prospects/leads.

  • You need an audit trail of every email source captured, consent request as well as the result.

  • You need a compliance report that is easy to access.

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CASL management benefits

Full Support

We can provide full support from the on-boarding and set up to the ongoing administration in order to ensure that every aspect of your compliance management is covered.

Email Data Integration

itracMarketer is extremely flexible and can process manual as well as automated data feeds from multiple sources.

Full Audit Trail

From the moment email contact records are added to the database a comprehensive audit trail at the individual level will be available. In addition summary reporting is available to quickly understand the status and health of your overall database.

Tag, You Are It

itracMarketer will assign and manage the correct consent tag to each and every record as soon as it enters your CASL compliant database to every following interaction.

Store Your Source

itracMarketer not only tracks consent but stores a visual copy of all consent capture forms. When forms become outdated or offline there is still a history of not only when but where the consent was captured.

Fully Automated

Do you need to worry about running a new consent campaign every month? Well, worry no more because the itracMarketer automatically processes consent campaigns in the background, whether they are 6 month prospects or 2 year former customers.

Change the Status

Each and every individual profile can be updated. Either manually by a customer service rep or other authorized person and of course automatically from the moment they enter the database or when the contact responds positively to a consent campaign. Remember, everything is tracked and tagged.


The itracMarketer is a comprehensive solution that includes the ability to set up web-forms, leverage templates or create your own using a simple to use editor. All the tools are available to ensure you manage your CASL compliance effectively.


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Big plus is customer service, can reach people instantly, highly responsive, people component, person to person contact is really helpful, faster turnaround time.

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For me it is not really about the system, it is about the people at itracMarketer! You get a relationship and service par none — the service and relationship are invaluable and distinct.”

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CASL compliance module in use — we are compliant — everything is setup, they take care of everything.

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Easily customizable, intuitive, easy to use, reliable, time saving (auto responders), they are always there to help!”

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