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Monitor, maintain and even grow your audience while providing additional advertising revenue through your digital communications. Learn how itracMarketer provides the digital tools needed for advanced Media organizations.

Revenue Driven Communications

itracMarketer continues to work with leading Media organization on unique content distribution and subscription management communications programs. Providing the capability of integrating targeted Advertising opportunities daily in news or content updates or campaign programs to deliver contests, events or promotions are all possible using the platform. Whether you have one or more publications or content channels itracMarketer can manage them together or as separate accounts to keep your programs and solutions organized. In addition, account access and functionality can be managed for individual users and account groups so content creators or editors use the tools that they need and audience managers can focus on their own operational goals.

Content Tracking

Drive increased engagement with your content. Track and understand behavior for relevant and contextual advertising opportunities as well as insights into what resonates with your audience. Set up content and interest tags to develop simple or complex segmentation groups. The Marketing CRM built into the application tracks all activity on webpages in addition to social posts and email interactions so that you can devise programs that maximize content engagement.

Subscription Management Integration

Let your billing and operational systems manage the subscriptions, pricing and revenue transactions while itracMarketer enables leading-edge marketing capability to acquire, engage and renew your customers. The itracMarketer application has an open and flexible interface to easily integrate with most media business systems. Once the data exchange is set up then creating and managing basic or sophisticated automated communication programs for nurturing and revenue opportunities is a straight-forward process.

Permission Management

Regardless of the size of your Media organization managing content preferences and permission is a requirement that will impact audience communications and interactions. The ability to set up or integrate simple or sophisticated subscription or content choices for one or many media publications/channels under one enterprise account is key feature that our customers utilize.

Dedicated Direct Service and Support

Media companies have unique needs that our team has experienced over years of dedicated customer work. We have Customer Success personnel that work with you on your business to carefully plan and execute solutions that drive results. We also deal with your support requests directly and do not pass your projects, integrations or other technical issues onto 3rd parties or consultants that may be unreliable and not cost effective.

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