CRM Analytics, Lead Scoring, Reporting & Data Analysis

Drive your Marketing with Data

There is a reason our platform is called “itrac” Marketer. Tracking and Storing all contact, behavior and 3rd party data in our application enables actionable information and insight.

From basic lead and contact reporting to detailed campaign metrics itracMarketer captures and displays data in the right context.

Get deeper insights into ROI and the programs that are working. Identify and optimize the campaigns that need some help. Download the data that you need or integrate with your applications. Many options and flexibility to keep the number crunchers satisfied.

Real-time Email Data

View delivery, open and response numbers for every email and campaign in real-time. Know who’s engaged right now, which leads are heating up and what campaigns are clicking the most.

Analytics and Data
Analytics and Data

Behaviour Tracking

Capture your contact’s online and offline activity to understand the customer journey. Track site visits, email response, social entanglement and more. Review this data in analytics reports and then set up automated triggers, actions or follow-ups to engage with your contacts based on the behavior that drives positive results for your business.

Campaign Analysis

Tag and analyze campaigns by group for deeper insight into your target. Develop better information on a specific group so you can better forecast future campaign performance.

Analytics and Data
Analytics and Data

Custom Reporting

Choose the fields and options to get to the data you need. Download and collate all your data to create dynamic custom reports that display the numbers in colorful graphs and charts, or as a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Analytics and Data

Integrate Your Data

Integrate information from external sources and from across all your marketing channels to discover which marketing initiatives are successful. Finally get to the bottom of your ROI when the revenue from your programs are combined with marketing activities.

Survey Reporting

Generate survey reports to see what your customers think about your services. Compare survey results, see your reply distribution, segment contacts based on their answers and more.

Custom Fields

Segment your data and add custom fields to any contact or contact list. Generate custom field reports to see an overview of unique fields on specific lists within specific time frames.

Webpage Tracking

Know what makes your prospects tick and see where they click. Simply generate a web tracking code and place it on any page on your website to track behavior. Trigger automated follow-ups based on page visits, update your lead scores and more.

Analytics and Data

Mini-URL Tracking

Create a mini-URL and post it on your social sites to track follower behavior and inbound rates. Add Google analytics and determine conversion rates.