Wealth Management & Financial Services Marketing Automation Software

Enabling financial institutions to build trust and long lasting relationships with customers through sales, service and compliant marketing solutions.

Building trust with the Connected Consumer

Creating and maintaining relationships with individual consumers is often difficult to manage for advisors, brokers or front-line financial professionals and that is why itracMarketer has created a sophisticated distributed marketing platform to enable personalized communications sent from a head office or even managed locally no matter many how many locations you have.

Content and Compliance

Today’s regulatory requirements should not slow down the ability to provide meaningful financial services to customers. The functionality to manage and provide approved content, track and archive all communications whether through email or social is a core component of the itracMarketer platform.

Context and Timing

Have meaningful conversations with your customers by understanding their content marketing preferences and engagements using automation. Our clients use the Marketing CRM to create or continue dialogue based upon recent or popular content topics that they interact with. This has proven effective at increasing product penetration and share of wallet.

Integration for Efficiency and Productivity

Integrating business data with a flexible platform can lead to powerful automated marketing solutions that drive ongoing results. The itracMarketer platform not only connects with popular applications like Salesforce but can easily accommodate older legacy business systems. Advanced, turn-key lifecycle programs for growth and retention can be roll-out in very little time so that you start see return on investment in weeks and not months.

Dedicated Direct Service and Support

Dealing directly with itracMarketer means that your business, objectives, and requirements are learned and understood so that progress and accountability are clear. Financial Service companies that use itracMarketer appreciate the relationship that is built together and not passed onto 3rd parties or consultants that are project based, unreliable and not cost effective.

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