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Whether you are a Builder, Developer, or Sales agency – we have a comprehensive marketing & CRM solution that your team will love.

Your team will love the simplicity.

Our easy to use marketing CRM and flexible design structure, allows it to be used by a single online sales counselor, or by your entire sales and marketing teams. We have a proven CRM & marketing tool that can help you grow as well as grow with you over time.

Email marketing that produces results.

Produce more engaging email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and content without the need for a separate email marketing service.
Connect with your prospects at a deeper level by leveraging data in you’re the CRM system. Track the results and take immediate action when your prospects respond. Emails are recorded to your sales lead profile record automatically.

Better prospect management

Never lose another lead. Automatically distribute leads quickly and efficiently to the right people in real time. Communicate to prospects with laser focus using email & social integration to develop a closer relationship and get them closer to signing that deal.
Quickly add notes to highlight key information to individual contact records and important details will never be forgotten again. Review the full prospect history today, tomorrow or anytime in the future.

Capture and track every lead though the sales cycle.

Accept lead registrations from virtually any source. Whether from your website, syndication websites (such as Zillow, Trulia, New Home Source, etc), model home visitors or even from records collected in your sales center through tablets & smart phones.
Track every touch of your lead from marketing and sales. Automate responses and notifications, so sales never misses the opportunity to close business.

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Case Study:

Freed Developments one of the hottest real estate developers in Toronto.

Freed Developments is an Ontario-based real estate developer responsible for some of the most innovative new condominium projects in downtown Toronto; including the Thompson Hotel & Fashion House. In addition, Freed is also responsible for the Muskoka Bay Golf Course Resort in famous the Muskoka region of Ontario.

Before itracMarketer Freed relied on agencies and realtors to market their development projects and drive sales through their pipeline. This model was expensive, complicated and was not driving sufficient results. In addition, because many of the sales tactics had been outsourced Freed was missing out on the opportunity to build their own contact lists and grow an internal marketing database. The agencies and realtors were building their own leads list on Freed’s investment. They choose itracMarketer because of proven success in working with other developers and to realize far higher return on investment from every marketing dollar they spend.

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