CRM Software & Solutions for Sales & Marketing Teams

CRM Made Easy

Introducing CRM, simplified. Track prospects or customers, score leads and manage all your marketing, sales or customer service activities with one easy-to-use platform. itracMarketer works seamlessly in the background to grow your database with a rich history of detailed and actionable information. Track all of your contacts across different stages of the customer journey. Connect and coordinate different business systems and platforms while collecting digital behavior from websites and microsites, over email, social media and more.

Creating and managing customer relationships is the key to success for your sales and service teams. itracMarketer provides the productive and efficient platform for them to nurture and grow the relationships that result in success for your business.

iProfile Manager

Each contact that is uploaded or manually added to itracMarketer is set up with a comprehensive iProfile. This provides a view of all granular information at a glance in addition to providing functionality for managing individuals for sales or service.

View or update customer details, add custom fields and see webpage as well as email behavior. Check lead scores or survey results, add notes, tasks or send messages. Understand what workflow or nurture path the individual is on and change if required.

This 360-degree view of the contact is at the nerve center of all your marketing activity and powers the itracMarketer platform.


Personalized Emails

Enjoy hands-on CRM in an instant. Send one-to-one emails directly from your iProfile and get notified the moment your email is opened or clicked. itracMarketer-managed emails respect privacy and permission. Anti-Spam compliance functionality is built right into the application.

Third-Party CRM Integration

itracMarketer seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM or business system so you can house all your contacts, leads and data in one platform. Sync leads, activities, opportunities, custom fields, lead scores and more. Connect Salesforce or other popular CRMs to itracMarketer in seconds.


Lead Scoring

Leverage the default scoring system provided by itracMarketer or update each activity to create a custom scoring system that meets your needs. Track general scores for basic activity like an email open or create custom actions and different values for behavior that set your engaged leads apart from regular visitors.

The dynamic lead-scoring algorithm can rank and report contacts based on email and social media engagement, web activity or other pre-defined actions.


Task Management

Keep your work and contacts organized with task management capability. Set follow-ups and notifications so that you can stay on top of your work and follow-up at the right time.

Always stay one step ahead. At-a-glace viewing allows you to see your day’s priorities to keep you on task and maximize your efficiency. Choose from calendar or list view.


Offline / Online Record-Keeping

Your sales or service teams can work with itracMarketer to harmonize offline and online activities to get a full picture of your lead engagement. Track offline sales events such as phone calls and walk-ins, and merge with online events such as website visits, emails opens and more.

Deal Tracker

Capture and optimize your sales negotiation process. Breakdown all your prospective and closed deals with detailed reporting on deals won and lost, commissions, customized notes and more.


Live Reporting

Quickly assess your contacts through real-time summary reporting. Determine successful lead generating sources and get a high level view of your customer interactions.

When you are looking to get a handle on what’s working and what going on the customer and contact reports provide the information that you need.