Email & Marketing Automation Services & Implementation

In addition to providing an integrated, scalable platform for marketing, automation and sales; itracMarketer provides a variety of services to ensure that you are successful. From Customer Support and Full Service Management to Business integration and implementation our expert team is available to understand your requirements and deliver outstanding service.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer feedback consistently recognizes our dedicated service and support as a leading reason why businesses love and continue to use itracMarketer.

From pre-sales to onboarding to regular day-to-day activities we are available to take your call or respond to your message to ensure that you have the support you need to drive value and results from the itracMarketer platform.

We go out of our way to understand your business needs and requirements. Be assured that we never treat our customers as just another ”trouble ticket” that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Full Service Campaign Management

With full service digital campaign management our customer success team will manage all aspects of your marketing programs through the itracMarketer platform.

Creative – We will work with your team or any creative agencies you currently employ, and turn creative vision, into functional high converting responsive content messages.

Execution – Our team will manage testing and final deployment of your campaigns, freeing up you team to focus on the 1000 other things on their to-do lists.

Reporting – We will set up your reporting and analytics so that all you need to do is review the results and share with your team.

Integration & Implementation

No hand off to expensive and uninformed 3rd party consultants and vendors.

Our highly skilled technology and customer success teams are standing by to ensure your investment with itracMarketer is a 100% success.

itracMarketer has been developed from the ground up to be a very flexible system to be configured for a wide range of industries as well as solve a multitude of business marketing challenges.

We are a SOC II certified vendor to help meet your marketing compliance requirements.

Our flexible data loaders and open API make connecting itracMarketer to you existing systems a painless experience. We also provide the technical team with the programming expertise to overcome any integration challenge. At least the ones we have encountered to date.

Finally itracMarketer comes out of the box with turn key integrations to popular platforms including, Office365, Google apps and many others.

Email Delivery

Our expert email delivery team ensures your emails are being delivered to the maximum number of email inboxes.

Email has evolved. The proliferation of mobile email clients and the sophistication of spam filtering and enterprise network management, means you need an expert to manage your email deployment, otherwise your messages are destined for the junk mail folder.

We offer flexible setup options. Depending on your email volumes we can provide multiple certified dedicated IP addresses for your enterprise.

Our partnerships with Email on Acid, Litmus and 250ok give us access to industry leading email testing and certification services.


No problem, we monitor hundreds of blacklists and email filters, and are experts at resolving any unforeseen issues that occur. You don’t need to worry about delivery we have it 100% covered.