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For over a decade, itracMarketer has been developing innovative online marketing solutions for a diverse range of businesses. The company’s industry-leading itracMarketer software offers turnkey self-service solutions in email marketing with CASL compliance, marketing automation, sales CRM, social media integration, web analytics, lead management and more. With new tools and ideas continually in development based on emerging trends, the company’s creative and strategic goal is to develop easy to use and effective solutions that drive customer results.

itracMarketer. A History of Success…

New easy-to-use features. itracMarketer has evolved through 10 year’s-worth of client feedback on how to create effective email and online marketing with automation as well as integrated sales CRM functionality. With itracMarketer, these turnkey concepts and processes have been taken to a whole new level, fully enabling the modern marketer to execute cutting edge campaigns in minutes while ensuring full legal CASL compliance and data privacy.

Launched itracEMS 4.0, a complete makeover of the itracEMS platform. Included an all-new look and feel with a focus on usability. Upgrades included a new easy-to-use editor, dozens of reporting features, and far more advanced administration functionality.

Launched itracEMS 3.0, targeting new verticals including financial service companies and consumer brand marketers. 3.0 included advanced tracking and analytics features to give customers advanced campaign management and database segmentation. The update also included improved scale and high-volume data management.

Launched itracEMS 1.0, to enable homebuilders and condominium developers better manage their websites, web leads and sales teams. itracMEDIA worked with dozens of industry clients across North America to help them modernize and streamline their sales and marketing processes.