Professional Services

Professional Services

Increase leads and sales by filling your sales funnel and helping sales close deals.

Execute strategies and tactics to fill your sales pipeline with leads.

Use itracMarketer to promote offers, capture leads, and inform stakeholders when leads are generated. You can record, track and report on all aspects of lead generation campaigns. Online or Offline the platform ensures that there are no gaps in your sales process.

Increase sales and efficient support with Marketing Automation

Automate key steps in your sales, marketing and customer service processes. Monitor customer behavior at key points in the process, allowing you to initiate the next step in your marketing or support sequence. See a 360-degree view of your interactions with each customer — from initial contact, project engagement or renewal to billing issues. The benefits of automation will take your business to another level.

Email marketing that produces results.

Produce more engaging email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and templates without the need for a separate email marketing service.

Connect with your prospects at a deeper level by leveraging data in your CRM system. Track the results and take immediate action when your prospects respond. Emails are recorded to your prospect record automatically.

Stay compliant with laws such as CASL, Can Spam, & PIPEDA

As a professional the last this you want to do is damage your firm’s professional reputation by getting offside with the authorities or auditors. itracMarketer includes built in compliance checks and balances to keep your marketing time on side.

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Professional services at itracMarketer
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Altus Group

Altusgroup is a leading provider of independent advisory services, software, and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry.

Altus Group did not have a cohesive digital marketing strategy that integrated all of the areas that they were working on. They had an outside SEO consultant, and had issues ranking for keywords. They had a separate platform for email marketing with no ability to segment their campaigns. In addition, they had one-dimensional, free tool for analytics that could not tell them who was coming to their website. Altus needed more robust, integrated tools.

Fortunately for them (and us), they found itracMarketer in order to organize and consolidate many of their requirements into a sales and marketing solution to provide simple yet effective results.