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Marketing Automation Software & Solutions: Integrated CRM Platform

Marketing Automation

itracMarketer provides the marketing automation capability that will alleviate the need for you to manually execute repetitive tasks and processes that drive your marketing and sales results. This functionality boosts your team’s productivity so that you can concentrate on other new and exciting projects in your agenda. The itracMarketer automation has been developed to meet the needs of both beginners and sophisticated marketers the easy set up will have you automating your first programs in minutes. Whether it’s lead nurturing, triggered offers, website and email behavior or survey follow ups, there is virtually no limit to the processes that the application can manage.

Workflow Management

A workflow set up in itracMarketer involves using our automation feature and interface to simply organize a set of sequenced actions which occur based upon your specific requirements and instructions. Whether that involves executing some basic email programs or even moving hot sales leads into one of your salespersons contact calendar it all depends on your creativity and needs. You can put together comprehensive or simple workflows by using conditions, rules, actions and accounts, then monitor progress when the system triggers targeted, personalized messages or actions for all of your contacts regardless of where they are in your sales and marketing lifecycle.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Lead Nurturing

From the moment you acquire a new contact and all throughout the education and sales process there are many actions that you can create, implement and automate using the itracMarketer lead nurturing functionality. You can guide leads down different paths based on the content that they engage with and then notify sales personnel when the time is right.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps you rank and prioritize the individuals that are the most engaged with your brand, products and services for sales process optimization.

You can use a pre-defined and default scoring system that is available the moment you start using the itracMarketer platform or create and customize your own scoring rules based upon how you define behavior of your ideal prospects for sales activity, the choice is yours.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Dynamic List Management

A Dynamic List can be created or updated based upon specific business rules that you set up in the Workflow manager. For example, perhaps you would like to create a new list every week for leads and prospects that reach a certain Lead Score or visited specific product pages and you want to send them a special offer. Or perhaps you want to create a re-engagement list for customers that have not opened or responded to your email campaigns in the last 3 months. Dynamic List are the way to go!

Email Alerts

Create Email Alerts to enhance the sales and service experience your company provides. Identify leads or customers at the right time through behavior tracking and alert your sales or service personnel when the time is right to follow up. Focus notifications on specific users or user groups, receive actionable insights and react appropriately at the perfect time.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Rules Engine

This is the nerve center for managing all of the workflows, actions, lists and other tasks that you automate in the itracMarketer platform. It coordinates all activities to ensure there are no conflicts, issues and interruptions and you can continue to build your digital marketing performance machine to grow your business.

Triggers and Filters

The rules that you use to initiate communications and subsequently refine your messages or contacts lists can create meaningful response and results. The ability to do so is based upon using the Triggers and Filters in the automation toolbox that itracMarketer provides. These features have been designed with significant flexibility without the need for manual screening and tracking. This ultimately enables targeted and contextual user interactions based on specific actions and interests. It requires your vision and business knowledge but if used properly you can count on positive business impact.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Dynamic Email Content

Why set up multiple email templates for a program when only one is necessary? For example, everyone needs a welcome message but if you wanted to display a different image or message to a group of customers based upon their subscription or segmentation type then that can be easily accommodated by setting up content blocks linked to business rules. This tool ensures your recipients receive the relevant content that they deserve and you don’t have to waste time and effort setting up a number of separate emails when the content will be dynamically populated for them on delivery.