Membership Association Marketing Automation Software


There are many stages of membership marketing to keep an active and thriving association. The itracMarketer platform provides all the tools you need to keep your association engaged and growing.

Robust member acquisition and growth

Create, automate and optimize smart, impactful and targeted communications through formal marketing campaigns and lead management. These turn-key programs will be the engine to capture the attention of your prospective members.

Efficient member management and communications

Create a lasting first impression and continue the engagement throughout your member marketing lifecycle. Personalization and dynamic content will create tailored communication experiences that can ensure your members are getting the information they are interested in. Notifications, renewals, reminders, event management and even winning old members back into your association are all possible and can be managed effectively even with limited marketing resources.

Centralized or Local Marketing for associations with multiple locations.

Maintain brand consistency of your association, deploy one-off or automated messages to your members on behalf of local branches, groups or satellite locations. Provide access to approved content for your local chapters to communicate with their contacts for events or other initiatives. Keep track of member activity with drill down or roll up reporting. Your association marketing will be taken to another level with itracMarketer at your fingertips.

Connect your systems to power productivity and results.

Connect your membership management application data with a flexible platform will lead to powerful automated marketing solutions that drive your association results. The itracMarketer platform can easily accommodate new as well as older legacy business systems. Now the advanced and turn-key lifecycle programs that you envisioned for growth and retention can be roll-out in very little time so that you start see return on investment in weeks and not months.

Dedicated Direct Service and Support

Dealing directly with itracMarketer means that your association objectives, and requirements are learned and understood so that progress and accountability are clear. Associations that use itracMarketer appreciate the relationship that is built together. Requests or support issues are not ignored or passed on to offshore channels or through endless levels of tiered support.

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