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What is Distributed Marketing?

The ability for an organization with multiple locations, regional or geographically dispersed business operations such as offices, branches, dealers, franchises or sales teams which can manage brand, marketing and sales communications corporately as well as locally in order to optimize and cater to the needs of local markets and customer groups.

Distributed Marketing

Centralized Marketing

Ability to provide centralized marketing communication programs or campaigns to customers on behalf of multiple geographically dispersed business operations or locations.

Distributed Marketing
Distributed Marketing

Localized Marketing

Ability for local business operations to leverage and benefit from corporate resources such as technology, approved content, automated programs and best practices to market products or services to local customers.

Benefits of distributed marketing

  • Brand consistency
  • Reduce risk in highly regulated industries
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Communication impact and effectiveness
  • Cost savings from redundant marketing effort and technology investments
  • Improved customer engagement with local business operations

Will a Distributed Marketing solution benefit your organization?

  • Does your organization have multiple regional or geographically dispersed offices, branches, sales reps, dealers or locations that sells the products and/or services?
  • Does your company operate independent brands, departments or product groups that serve the needs of different customers?
  • Is there a need or desire to provide and manage regional, local, or field business operations with corporate branded and approved communication or marketing materials that can be personalized for unique needs of the local customer?
  • Does your marketing team currently manage email or direct brand communications on behalf of many locations or sales resources in your business?
  • Is there a need for your company to centrally manage brand and approved content across multiple communication channels?
  • Is there a need or benefit to segment customer data or customer lists differently by region or operational business location?
  • Is there a benefit to reduce or manage redundant relationships and costs with agencies and technology providers across brands, departments, regional or local business operations?
  • A need or benefit to manage shared technology investments across corporate or local marketing efforts?

Can your marketing platform do this?

  • Provide access and ability to execute and manage marketing programs/campaigns for either corporate marketing or local business locations?
  • Provide the ability to create, manage, distribute, report and archive all marketing material for compliance and regulatory requirements?
  • The ability to create and manage approved content with permissions across marketing channels?
  • Support corporate and local marketing automation program and campaigns that can provide dynamic content, customer as well as location/representative personalization?
  • The ability to provide basic, simplified or a feature reduced version of the product that allows non-marketing experts the ability to use turn-key and easy-to-use templated marketing programs to help them drive business results?
  • Can your existing marketing platform technology report drill down or roll-up results across business locations, sales agents, advisors, brokers, franchises, dealers?

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