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Manage communications, touchpoints and engagement from Admissions to Alumni to create unique and personalized experiences for your students while managing complex tasks and goals across department, faculty or stakeholder groups.

Student and Alumni Marketing CRM

More then just email, itracMarketer is a robust marketing platform that deploys communications but more importantly tracks online and offline activity and student behavior in individual profiles. All of this data is critical for managing independent and automated programs for different purposes whether for admissions, fundraising, news or recreation interests.

Department Account Structure

Whether you have one cohesive team across departments or require separation in account usage and activity the ability to set up the itracMarketer platform according to your needs is completely flexible. Managing permissions, access to functionality and approvals is also included so that you have control for all users across your educational organization.

Student Lifecycle Marketing Automation

Start simple or immediately build complex communication programs across departments. Make student recruitment activities less resource intensive by handling key steps though engaging turnkey and organized processes including automated segmentation, nurturing, notifications, follow-ups, and surveys. Build fundraising communication campaigns and events with landing pages using easy to use templates. All the tools you need are available and work seamlessly to enhance response and engagement.

Integration to your Student Management Systems

Many applications are used across both large and small Educational institutions. It makes life and work much easier for administrators and other department support staff if they don’t have to manually move data between systems. itracMarketer provides the ability to integrate and consolidate information from these applications so that individuals can spend more productive time working with students rather then working with data.

Dedicated Direct Service and Support

itracMarketer works with you to ensure your Educational marketing goals and departmental level objectives are learned and understood so that progress and accountability are clear. Educational facilities that use itracMarketer appreciate the relationship that is built together. We are a different application provider that will work with you to build a successful strategy and plan to increase your productivity and student results.

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