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Grow a deeper connection with your audience. Create professional, personalized email marketing campaigns even when time is short and resources are limited. Test the value of every campaign you send to understand the content that engages segments of your database. Evolve and growth your prospects and customers while leveraging tools and functionality to integrate your email across the multi-channel customer journey.

Discover the next generation of email marketing with itracMarketer.

Perfect Emails In An Instant

Design and send powerful, responsive emails that view perfectly on all electronic formats from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. itracMarketer’s intuitive drag-and-drop email composer simplifies the whole email-creation process – no HTML coding or special technical knowhow required. Then preview and test your emails before you click ‘send’ to make sure your message looks perfect for total peace of mind.

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Create & Send In A Snap

Build and send personalized, responsive emails that look great and perform even better across multiple devices and email clients. Craft campaigns faster than ever with itracMarketer’s streamlined email composer, for professional-looking emails in less time and with less effort.

Streamlined Drag & Drop Email Builder

Speed up production and set your creativity free with itracMarketer’s simplified, organized design centre. Create a new email or edit an existing one with drag-and-drop elements you can rearrange and customize on the fly. Want to switch your background colour or font? Add a border or turn a one-column format into two? It’s all easy with itracMarketer. Plus, you can change the template so the whole design footprint updates automatically.

Attention Email Developers, we have not forgotten you. Our flexible design tool gives you easy access to the source code so that you can put your professional touch on any email.

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Responsive Templates

Generate emails built on a set of responsive templates so everything you send looks just as spectacular on smartphones as desktop computers and web-based email clients. This makes sure all your contacts enjoy the same email experience whether they’re at work, at home or on the go.

Personalized Emails

It’s a fact – personalized emails have substantially higher open and engagement rates, which means a more active and interested subscriber base. itracMarketer’s built-in customer merge fields let you personalize each email, allowing you to build that deeper connection your audience is looking for.

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email marketing

Simply Review & Send

itracMarketer has one of the easiest and streamlined campaign builders on the market. The logical step-by-step flow will ensure that you cover all key requirements, including custom reporting tags or compliance options. See how your message looks in plain text or on a mobile device, then send a test version to yourself and make sure everything looks and reads as intended. Double-check the personalization fields and use the built-in spell check to catch errors anywhere in your messaging including headers and footers. After review, you can send your emails right away or schedule them for a future time/date. You can even attach a note to your CRM record to keep track of specific contacts.

Flexible and Structured Organization Email Management

From centralized email management to department, division or franchised based communications the itracMarketer platform has a unique suite of features and functions that caters to the most dynamic company requirements. Content sharing, structured account hierarchy that can manage multiple brands, roll-up reporting and feature control by user management. Each of these elements can be combined to enable an organization to manage email and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Centralized Email Deployment

Total control, with group-send functionality plus centralized reporting so you can easily send personalized email on behalf of departments, franchisees, teams or groups. This powerful feature helps to nurture one-to-one relationships for sales, service and support teams while keeping brand and content development in the hands of your dedicated experts. It will save your support teams or customer facing resources countless hours in training and redundant email distribution. In summary, it gives one or more people the power to manage templates, lists and databases and deployment on behalf of the others in your organization so they can focus on growing relationships and revenue.

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Content Sharing

Keep your brand consistent. Whether you are a large business with multiple divisions and remote office locations or a medium size retailer with a few locations managing content and maintaining brand integrity across levels and locations is a challenge when it comes to email marketing.

Enabling specific user accounts the ability to create, lock-down and share content is a vital asset in your enterprise management toolkit.

Account Hierarchy

A custom, multi-level account hierarchy will help your organization administrate and maintain your marketing instance of the itracMarketer platform without incurring significant account management costs. This permission based structure is tailored to accommodate a diverse range of business operations whether you are a dealer, agent, department, franchise location or the corporate Email marketing guru. Each group that is set up is distinct and there is flexibility to enable functionality for all users of a given group.

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email marketing

Role Management

itracMarketer has the flexibility to enable and control virtually every functional aspect of the platform for the most dynamic business. Role level account management can be set up to accommodate approval workflows or structured so that some users are not exposed to functionality that is not required for their job. Let marketing execute promotions and campaigns while Franchisees or Branches send out event invitations.

The power to manage a properly structured and distributed marketing program across an organization where all users play a key role creates efficiency and time your resources require to drive results.

Roll Up Reporting

Need a summary view of reporting? Or a granular view to compare performance? With Roll-up reporting you have can have grouped reports that give you flexibility and consistency. When a company has diverse customer management and email distribution needs because they communicate on many levels the itracMarketer application will provide you with the information that you need, when you need it.

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Email Nurturing

With automated email nurturing, you can trigger emails based on real-time behaviours, overall engagement, or send based on a pre-set CRM schedule. itracMarketer’s automated programs are easy to set up, and give you the power to create unique brand communication paths that genuinely connect with your audience.

A/B testing

Ever thought about testing different subject lines, offers or content? Stop thinking “what if” and start thinking “what next” with itracMarketer. A/B testing gives you the insights you need to jumpstart your campaigns so there is no more second guessing the alternative version. Try different subject lines, images and calls to action and find out which versions generate the best results.

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Smarter Segmentation

Go beyond demographic, geographic, firmographic, even psychographic segmentation. Access behaviour-based segmentation tools with itracMarketer. Take advantage of digital clues like website and webpage visits, previous email interactions and form submissions to create segments based on audience interests, level of engagement and readiness to buy.

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Personalization & Dynamic Content

Now you can serve different content to individuals on your contact list with the unique capabilities built into itracMarketer. Our system helps you interpret and utilize all the audience insights you’ve gathered to tailor content and offers based on their activities, interests and profile. No more need to build a new or different email version for all of your segments. The content will automatically be inserted into a template based upon your targeting rules. The dynamic personalization and content features make every email uniquely relevant to the recipient – helping you build closer and more meaningful connections.

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Measure, Report, Optimize, Repeat

Track the impact of your email campaigns with simple-yet-powerful dashboards and reporting tools. Our integrated analytics let you quickly see which messages are capturing your audience’s attention, and which messages are not. Get an easy-to-read snapshot of every important indicator from high-level open and click metrics, to detailed click-through reports, to long-term funnel reports that track ROI over time.

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CASL Compliance Management

itracMarketer is the only email marketing platform and marketing automation solution built for business growth that includes built-in Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) compliance managment. Respect data privacy and stay on the right side of the law while empowering your digital marketing activities with itracMarketer.

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