CRM Survey Creator: Easily Build User Surveys


Get feedback, conduct research, understand customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score. This can all be done with the built-in survey tool. itracMarketer makes it easy to create online surveys, which you can customize to tailor your message and improve your performance. Not only is there comprehensive reporting but survey results are tracked in your contact profiles so you can trigger automated actions, messages or notifications to turn negative feedback into positive opportunities.

Easy Survey Creator

Follow the simple survey creator process to set up your hosted survey. Decide what questions to ask and how you would like to ask them. Simple or complex, the itracMarketer survey tool can accommodate your requirements and deliver the results back to you in real-time.

Dynamic Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is provided in real-time. View and analyze survey responses from a number of different angles: by date-range, geography, individual or aggregate results, in a cross tabulation and more.


Survey Management

itracMarketer provides the ability to manage surveys on a number of fronts. Publishing, promoting, editing or creating triggered notifications or follow-ups are all part of the survey suite. Both one-time and triggered or re-occurring surveys can be administered to provide benefits to your organization without the using other applications.


View Data Results

When you need to take a closer look at the data in a more powerful reporting tool then all of your survey results are just a click away. Download all of your results by contact with a complete data set.

Its your data, work it, own it and get insights from it.

Survey Automation

When is the best time to ask the questions you need answers to?

One of the most powerful features is integrating surveys into your businesses processes using workflows and automation. Once you set up a re-occurring survey you can monitor your results over time to see if your performance is getting better or worse in the eyes of your respondents. You can also tie-in many other automated processes based upon survey results like follow-ups tasks, thank you emails or even trigger off a campaign if it makes sense.

Leveraging this capability can help bring your business to another level.


Advanced Record-Keeping

All of the answers to your surveys can be appended to your individual contact profiles to provide a rich and detailed history. This makes the data actionable at the contact level. Segment contacts by survey responses and follow-up through the channel of your choice. This can be automated or manual when only personal touch service will provide the appropriate customer experience.