Responsive design is what makes websites and emails look stupendous across platforms. When an email is built using responsive design, it automatically adapts to any screen size. This provides a better user experience across different devices. The beauty of responsive design is that it lets us cater to the needs of every screen, regardless of size. This means we can feature multiple components on desktop, which are easily stacked on mobile. By doing so, we can provide a better user experience, especially on mobile platforms.

Mobile usage is on the rise

Responsive design is fundamental to the success of any email campaign, given the recent rise in mobile usage. In this day and age, more people are browsing the internet, checking their email and communicating through social media on-the-go.

As of 2015, more than 58% of American adults owned a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic came from mobile devices. Matter of fact, there are currently more mobile devices on earth than there are people! As the days go by, mobile usage continues to grow, meaning that more prospects and customers will check their emails through their mobile devices.

33% of internet users see their smartphone as their most important device for browsing the web. These people are spending twice as long online using smartphones over laptops or personal computers. According to a recent study done by Litmus, out of 250 million people worldwide, 47% view their emails using a mobile device. These numbers speak volumes! As people are increasingly relying on their mobile devices, everyone is getting more comfortable at consuming email on the go.

Even though most mobile email clients can scale emails down to fit smaller screens, that does not guarantee the same user experience across platforms. Shrinking an image on mobile often results in messages that are difficult to read. If your audience can’t read it, chances are that all your efforts will end up in one click: Delete. If the user experience viewing and interacting with your message is poor, chances are that your audience will likely have a lower option of your brand.  This could even make them reconsider all options available to them.

Benefits Of Responsive Design

If you build an email template using responsive design, its content will be flexible and fluid across all screen resolutions. Your end user will have optimal viewing experience, including ease of navigation with a minimum amount of resizing and scrolling, regardless of the device used to preview your email campaign.

The importance of responsive design - 4 column example

Responsive design can improve user experience and accommodate everyone, whether they are on a desktop, a smartphone or tablet. By providing the best possible user experience, your audience will have a better opinion of your email campaign! Watch all those marketing efforts will pay off. Therefore, it is primordial to ensure that the audience viewing from their mobile device gets the same experience as those using a desktop. With responsive email design, you can ensure an optimal experience across platforms and devices. This will result in greater impact and higher ROI on your marketing efforts. 

Go responsive!

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