Wealth Management Marketing

The Problem with Wealth Management Marketing Today.

The financial services sector faces many challenges and specifically in wealth management marketing – from industry regulations, digital technology, and now robo-advisors. Many companies are changing their traditional marketing playbook because old school relationship based selling and counting on referrals from long standing clients is not as reliable to growing business anymore. The  most powerful impact is being felt from changes in demographics and the traditional distribution of wealth, which have created a new breed of financial customer.

Small and nimble technology driven financial companies have set their sights on this younger generation with simple messaging and disparaging the long standing financial advisor model of managing wealth. They are appealing to this target market and using digital tools to communicate with them across marketing channels. However, there are still many virtues to the relationship based money management model that long standing financial brands can and should use to counter this new competition. In order to do so, Wealth Management companies need to change their approach to marketing, be more effective and enable their Advisors in local communities.

To achieve customer growth in this new financial services landscape, Marketers and their Advisors need to be proactive, with more effective sales efforts, powered by the right content, and technology. If financial institutions are able to utilize content, automated distribution, and tracking tools they will be able to create more engagement as well as demonstrate their value proposition versus the simplicity of the robo-advisor competition. Wealth Management companies have a lot to offer but their value is being diluted by new Fintech businesses that are trying to capture market share of a younger demographic.

Let’s take a deeper look at these areas to find how financial institutions can improve Wealth Management Marketing and help give their advisors a voice in this digital conversation.  


It’s up to the head office marketers to develop a clear and manageable content strategy and publishing operation. Creating content that is engaging, compliant, and built for specific customer segments/personas and served at key touchpoints in the customer journey is necessary. If you start off with highly engaging and valuable content for a niche target audience it’s more likely going to resonate and lead to more interactions with customers.

Automated Distribution Technology

Once the content has been created by HQ, organizations then need technology and processes to coordinate and distribute the content across marketing channels. This is for brand communications but more importantly ‘on behalf’ of Advisors or Wealth Management professionals. Look for technology that allows:

  • Centralized communications – for sending personalized and targeted content sent on behalf of Advisors.
  • Local wealth management marketing automation capabilities – allowing your Financial Advisor and Broker teams the ability to grow and build followers in their community to win their local market.

Tracking & Analysis

Having a strong tool that can help you track, measure success and continuously improve is imperative to develop and establish meaningful metrics and key performance. High quality tools can track performance of all activity as well as key resources including:

  • Content – types, usage, effectiveness and value Marketing distribution channels – utilization and impact
  • Customer status and behavior – from lead and opportunity identification to acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • A key differentiator of this new framework is to enable corporate marketing and support teams the ability to analyze and understand Advisor/Broker local marketing and sales activity – for increased insight into what’s working, who needs help, where to improve, and to standardize and increase best practices activity.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, the good news is that we work with many financial and wealth management companies and we have developed a marketing platform that meets that unique and complex needs of the financial industry. Our itracMarketer software allows Head Office to organize and inventory digital content, distribute it properly ‘on-behalf-of’ as well as from advisors, and has powerful tracking capabilities to engage leads and customers.

If you need help equipping your advisors into the new digital era, we can help set you and your team up.

Contact us – or learn more with a download of our free white paper The Distributed Marketing Automation Framework for Financial Brands to be successful with their Wealth Management, Advisor and Broker teams here.