In today’s multi-channel digital environment, corporate marketers are feeling pressure to demonstrate measurable results for every marketing investment. And more channels translate into more marketing challenges. Yet there are ways to share and expand marketing efficiency, capabilities as well as results on a greater scale. Consider Local Marketing Automation to eliminate productivity gaps at head office and increase local customers engagement, response and revenue.

So many channels, so many marketing tasks, and so little time. It’s hard to keep a lid on productivity.

Productivity through Local Marketing Automation

Solving the marketing productivity puzzle

Yet while every marketer wants to tame their task list, when you’re dealing with multiple regions, dispersed operations or remote sales teams, the tasks must seem endless. Your amazing marketing campaigns can be stalled by a multitude of brand and compliance hurdles before you can get your message out to the field. And after firing up the troops about a fantastic campaign, a slow roll-out process can frustrate local teams and dilute both campaign momentum and your marketing message.

But it isn’t just about improving your corporate and local teams’ productivity. The bottom line is also impacted by inefficiencies that drive up the marketing costs. Having slow-moving, complex email marketing processes and multiple systems used across your regions or field teams, increases timelines and can stall local marketing efforts and even cost valuable sales.

Missing Local Marketing Automation Puzzle Piece

But by holding onto corporate marketing control, you may be missing out

Despite what some of your field sales or regional offices might think (or even say), corporate marketers aren’t a bunch of “control freaks”. You really do want to enable local marketing or sales teams to tell their stories in an authentic voice. After all, you know that personalized, authentic content has a powerful impact across all marketing channels. And local marketing and sales folks are the experts in understanding how to engage their customers and how to adapt to their changing behaviour.

Understandably, your local marketing or sales teams want to be able to leverage customizable content and mange targeted distribution of these messages to their prospects or customers. But if each region or field sales team adapts your campaign, you might run the risk of regulatory compliance issues and inconsistent brand messaging across multiple channels.

Most corporate marketers would even like to hand off marketing execution to local teams. But you likely struggle with how to balance local messaging and execution with the need to centrally manage data, track results and maintain compliance. With multiple systems, customer lists and disparate data points, how can you demonstrate marketing results?

While you might have well-intentioned need to control these complex marketing processes, you may be missing out on an opportunity to put the power of your marketing efforts into the hands of your regional and local teams.

It may sound strange, what you really need to solve your complex challenges is a technical solution that offers simplicity.

Best of both worlds: supporting front line teams with effective, customizable, consistent marketing content

If you could envision your dream marketing scenario, you’d likely want a system that local teams could use that is dead simple to customize content to create more compelling messages for their local customers. This would also enable them to easily execute campaigns, events and communications that are brand controlled and compliant. Your marketing data vision would involve one integrated system to replace your disparate and complicated legacy systems with easy access across your central and local marketing teams.

What has been missing from your marketing dream is unique marketing automation technology that empowers email marketing both centrally and locally. “Distributed marketing technology” is software that is designed to automate, monitor and measure marketing programs. It provides a platform that enables integration of the corporate or head office as well as regional, branch, franchise or field sales teams at the local level.

Not all Marketing automation platforms are alike

With the right local marketing automation system you can achieve the three C’s of content: consistent, customizable and compliant.

Executing campaigns and tracking marketing metrics both centrally and locally

In addition to enabling local marketers to personalize and distribute their messages to their customers, a distributed marketing automation solution ensures that data is gathered and can be evaluated centrally.

An integrated distributed marketing or local marketing automation solution can help you:

  • More easily connect with your customers through tailored, authentic communications that improve customer engagement.
  • Increase productivity and marketing efficiencies through improved time management with automation of email marketing workflow, effective asset management, along with speedier more effective compliance processes. All of which will enable more agile and speedier local marketing capabilities.
  • Reduce risk and maintain compliance in highly regulated industries using simple but sophisticated content approval processes, automated Anti-Spam compliance interface with built-in audit trail and consent reports as well as secure long-term message and communication archive capability across marketing channels.
  • Realize cost savings by streamlining and integrating CRM marketing process and eliminating redundant marketing effort and technology investments.

Have you been missing out on local marketing automation?

You may find that local marketing automation can help get to the heart of your productivity problems. After all, productivity is all about output, efficiency, yield – all of which can be improved when you can offer both corporate and local marketing teams’ access to a simple, integrated system that enables automated, customizable and compliant marketing across multiple channels.

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