Marketing Automation is complex and many individuals just don’t know where to start. Or you may be well familiar with marketing automation and even have a platform that is used in your organization. However, not all marketing applications are alike and some fit unique needs of more complex organizations.

The whole point is to make your marketing work, processes and programs easier to execute and more efficient. Essentially putting most or at least some repetitive tasks on auto-pilot.

This is usually straight-forward and easy to set up when considering welcome programs, drip campaigns, cart abandonment, renewal notifications or other common marketing tasks but to drive marketing automation on a large scale and throughout your organization you may need something that takes your automation to another level.

How do you permeate and share access to your marketing automation tool so that others can take advantage of the productivity and efficiency benefits? Taking advantage of automation at head office as well as providing local or distributed marketing automation would be a significant boost to many business operations. Not only that but getting more people to identify and leverage ways to use automation will drive innovation as well as best practices. Sounds great but you still need to maintain control of your company brand, communications and potentially compliance requirements.

A Distributed Marketing platform is a tool that can enable this type of controlled and accessible marketing automation into your business.

Wondering if a distributed marketing automation solution might be a good fit for your team and overall organization? Well read on and see if you can relate to any of these 5 telling signs:

5 Signs you need a Distributed Marketing Automation Solution

  1. Are you currently providing and managing corporate branded and approved marketing materials that need to be individually personalized?  Are you tailoring materials by each regional, local, or field operation to suit their local customers?
  2. Your central marketing team currently manages email or direct brand communications on behalf of many locations or sales resources.
  3. You centrally manage brand and regulatory compliance across multiple communication channels.
  4. Are you currently gathering and managing customer data or lists?  Does this include marketing metrics from numerous regions, operational business locations, or separate sales teams?
  5. You manage redundant relationships, systems, and costs with numerous agencies. This can also include technology providers across brands, departments, regions, or local business operations.

Can you identify with any or, potentially with all of these 5 signs? Then, you may be missing out on some unique marketing automation technology!  This solution can empower your multi-channel marketing initiatives, both centrally and locally.

Discover more information on distributed marketing as well as a case study from a large financial institution on how drive results on behalf of their vast team of wealth management advisors.