Seems like putting together an email campaign can be quite a lengthy process… From design to delivery, there are multiple steps that take place, behind the scenes, before your email reaches your audience. Therefore, regardless of how much work is put into it, there are issues that can cause your email design to break.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Well, as it turns out, getting an email template to display properly by your subscriber’s email client is far from being a crystal-clear process. There are numerous factors that can affect how your email renders the way you initially intended!

To better illustrate this process, our friends at Litmus have put together a great infographic! It does a great job at documenting the journey of an email template after you click the SEND button. It includes what happens as your email is delivered to your audience as well as what causes an email design to break.

The Road to Rendering: What causes and email design to break?


The Road to rendering: What causes an email design to break?

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