Surveys are key to improving business

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your customers think about your business? Until the Internet of Things begins tapping into the human brain, we must still rely on old school research to find out more about your clients and what they are thinking. A survey is a perfect platform to get your customers thinking about your product and the best way to figure out what your customers are really thinking about your business.

A survey is key to improving your business!

You can easily create and send an effective survey directly in itracMarketer with our Survey Tool which will allow you to track all of the responses and set up marketing automation based on certain criteria.

Let’s take a look some reasons why marketers can benefit greatly from sending out a survey:

  1. Feedback: The knowledge that you will gain from your customers answering questions about your business will be invaluable. Gaining their feedback will give you insight into what they honestly think about your business and product.
  2. Guide business decisions: By using surveys you can easily gather information that will be helpful in making important business decisions. The feedback you receive can guide you in future product changes, marketing decisions, and ways to improve the business as a whole.
  3. Benchmarks: A survey will allow you to evaluate your business at a certain point in time. This will allow you to benchmark how your business is doing in different aspects and will allow you to make goals and improvements base upon the information you gather during that time.
  4. Learn new ideas: Your customers are essentially your best untapped resource and they could potentially have ideas that you haven’t thought of and opinions to make your business and product better.

For more information on how to build your very own Survey in itracMarketer where all of your data can be accessed and analyzed in one place, please contact [email protected].