We all know we need to capture leads, but where and how do we do this? The answer: landing pages. In the realm of inbound marketing, landing pages are a necessary vehicle to increase lead captures and are one of the few things in life that are actually better for you if you have more!  With the New Year in full swing many people are sick of feeling like they need to have less of things they want, so why not enjoy the limitless beneficial quantity of landing pages?

The Secret to Increase Lead Captures:

Using landing pages to increase lead captures

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like –  a place where visitors land. But when we have a strategy, they don’t just end up there, we have purposefully directed them to that place. Why have we directed them there? Because that page includes relevant content that inspires them to provide us with their contact information in order to redeem an offer. The beauty of a landing page is that the form to capture their information is right alongside the offer therefore the visitor experience is seamless. In summary: we direct, they land, then we capture and convert them into a lead.

How do landing pages defy the law of moderation?

More Landing Pages = Better SEO

With just your website, the number of search terms that will return your site is limited to the number of keywords on those pages. Since it is best practice to focus each page on just a few keywords, then you can see where you will hit a ceiling.  The more landing pages you have, the more keywords that you can focus on and therefore the more times your company will appear organically in searches. Therefore, the equation is simple: more landing pages = more keywords = more searches that return your company = increased leads captured. In this way, landing pages are kind of like potato chips; the more you have, the more you grow. However, in the case of landing pages, the result is favourable.

More Landing Pages = Greater Accuracy in Targeting

As we just discussed, since it is best practice to focus each web page on just a few keywords, landing pages are ideal for targeting specific consumer segments. They provide the opportunity to display and promote content that is directly relevant to the consumers being guided to the page. Not only that, but since each landing page concentrates on one topic, it is a great way to gain insights into what consumers are interested in when you track their activity. When you identify a landing page with a specific topic, you will know that any visitor to this page is looking for this type of information and can use this data to cater further content to them.

More Landing Pages = More Conversion Opportunities

Imagine trying to throw a quarter into a jar a few metres away. This can be very tricky. Now picture adding ten more jars around the first one then trying to throw the quarter again. Your chances have greatly improved! The same theory works for landing pages because the more places on the web that you place a landing page, the greater chance you have of increasing lead captures. In addition, an effective landing page will be focused on the call to action and not allow consumers to be easily distracted therefore the likelihood of conversion for each landing page compared to a page on your website is higher. For example, your main website will likely have a top navigation bar for consumers to navigate elsewhere. A focused landing page will not include this navigation bar so the probability of them clicking away before converting is much lower. All this to say, the increased probability of conversion can be attributed to both an increase in the number of landing pages as well as the design of the landing pages themselves.

Even though you may have to restrict yourself on wonderful things such as chocolate and chips, you don’t have to employ the same type of self control for landing pages. So go ahead and gorge on these delightful inbound marketing treats and feel great about expanding in the right way!

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