Business Marketers are not the only ones that need to be concerned about the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Your Sales people and other employees should use an non-intrusive MS Outlook CASL Solution to ensure their compliance.


Phase 1 of CASL Anti-Spam regulation launched July 1 2014, and has since resulted in government enforcement with high profile fines to large corporate brands such as Rogers & Kellogg’s. Phase 2 starts July 1 2017,  and will include the right to private action giving consumers or businesses the ability to launch lawsuits against companies that are violating the rules.

Companies that have neglected to put in proper CASL compliance programs and processes in place are now on the clock. It is a requirement to ensure that all emails that are considered commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent by Sales people (or any employee) to customers or prospects through their desktop email applications (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) can only be sent to individuals with proper and valid consent.

If your sales folks are blasting away and forget to remove people from a list, it’s potentially a $200 fine per email they send. This can add up quickly.

Are you considering corporate update to Office 365?  CASL compliance and making sure your company is risk-free is a great opportunity to justify that project.

itracMarketer has an affordable CASL Sales Solution to ensure EVERY email sent by ANY employee from your company Outlook account is checked by a CASL VALIDATION FILTER before sending. If the email address is OK then it will be immediately delivered, but if the email address does not have a valid CASL consent status then the email is automatically blocked and returned to the original sender for review.

Outlook CASL Solution

itracMarketer Outlook CASL Compliance Solution

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