TORONTO, ONTARIO — itracMEDIA, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today announced its expanded suite of platform tools on a brand new interface now called “itracMarketer”. All new integrated features and functionality including analytic reporting tags, streamlined email campaign deployment, landing page / form creator as well as a survey tool have been included to create a fully automated experience throughout the customer lifecycle—all available within a single dashboard.

The expanded application now extends beyond a CASL compliant email marketing and sales CRM solution to enable marketers to plan, automate, deliver and optimize data-driven digital marketing and real-time communications to drive customer engagement.

itracMEDIA changes to itracMarketer

itracMarketer features now include:

Home Dashboard – Want to check quick stats on your database or latest campaigns? Configure your Home dashboard to display the features and stats that you want to see when you first log in.

Quick Menu – Save time with easy navigation from any page. The Quick Menu contains a directory of all tools, which can be accessed from any place in the system.

Email Campaign Creator – Sending out an email campaign has become even easier with our new one-page creator! Simply follow the steps to create and send an email campaign.

Analytical Reporting Tags – New Ability to add more email reporting tags to organize your campaigns.

Email on Acid Device Rendering – Review your templates in all email clients to confirm your message gets across as you intend it to.

Landing Page and Form Creator – Easily develop your own Landing Pages and Forms for lead generation campaigns, event RSVP’s and more! Just drag and drop components onto a template to get your desired look as well as follow the steps to set up a Workflow.

Survey Creator – Send out surveys to get customer feedback! Design the survey, send it out to your contacts, and analyse the responses all within the itracMarketer platform.

“With these new features, our customers and partners will be able accomplish many more marketing tasks efficiently while executing their campaigns and programs” said Steve Vermeiren, VP Customer Success and Marketing. “The updated application not only makes it easier for them to do their work but it consolidates marketing activity and data to enable increased automation opportunities.”

About ItracMarketer

itracMarketer is a simple and affordable CASL compliant Email marketing and marketing automation solution built for medium-sized and large Canadian business. itracMarketer powers your digital marketing with time saving automated campaigns and lead capture, is tailored for your customer interactions, and provides reliable, personal touch service.