At itracMarketer, we are constantly innovating to provide our customers with the leading edge tools that they want and need.

itracMarketer: Now new and improved

Our new Marketer Suite is sleeker, more user-friendly and contains additional functionality to help you achieve your marketing goals!

In addition, we are proud to announce a new name for our Digital Marketing platform – itracMarketer

Existing customers will see this new version the moment they login into the application on

Don’t worry if you’re already happy and comfortable with the existing version of our application. You can easily go back to our old version with a simple ‘Click’ at the Top of the Navigation Bar.

Check out our hot new features:

  • Navigation Bar – Make itrac more convenient for you! Configure your Navigation bar to easily access the tools that you use the most.
  • Home Dashboard – Want to check quick stats on your database or latest campaigns? Configure your Home dashboard to display the features and stats that you want to see when you first log in.

  • Quick Menu – Save time with easy navigation from any page. The Quick Menu contains a directory of all tools, which can be accessed from any place in the system.
  • Email Campaign Creator – Sending out an email campaign has become even easier with our new one-page creator! Simply follow the steps to create and send an email campaign. 
    • New Ability to add more email reporting tags to organize your campaigns.
    • Select subscription type to ensure that your contacts only receive the emails they have subscribed to.
    • Review your templates in all email clients to confirm your message gets across as you intend it to.

  • Landing Page and Form Creator – Easily develop your own Landing Pages and Forms for lead generation campaigns, event RSVP’s and more! Just drag and drop components onto a template to get your desired look as well as follow the steps to set up a Workflow.
  • Survey Creator – Send out surveys to get customer feedback! Design the survey, send it out to your contacts, and analyse the responses all within the itracMarketer platform.

If you’re not a customer, contact us today to get a live demo of the complete itracMarketer platform.

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