We have added new features to itracMarketer!

At itracMarketer, we take our customers feedback to heart and are always working to make improvements that increases value for them. That is why we are excited to announce our new features,which have been developed based on suggestions from our clients! We encourage you to check out the following improvements to see how you can get more out of your digital marketing platform.

You may have noticed some of these changes already, as they are live on the platform, but read on to find out about the ones you have not seen yet!

Here is a summary of the new features:

Navigation Drop-Downs

We understand your need for quick navigation and we have delivered! All of the Navigation bar items now have drop down menus so that you can get to the tools and information that you need right away.

Learn more about configuring the Navigation bar.

New Features: Navigation Drop Down

Reporting Customizations

Each of our customers have unique data sets with unique reporting needs. Now you can customize your sent campaign statistics to show the fields that match your requirements when you drill down into the data.

Learn more about the Email Campaign Report.

New Features: Reporting Customization

Improved Lead Reports

Develop a deeper understanding of your inbound levels over time. Our new Lead and Form Source Reports make it easy for you to visualize your inflow of leads!

Learn more about the Lead Report and our Marketing Reports.

New Features: Improved Lead Report

Contacts Tile and Navigation Item

Get better insight into your database with this great organizational feature. View and search contacts alphabetically by last name, by company and by location.

Learn more about Contacts.

New Features: Contact Tile Navigation

The New and Improved iProfile

The iProfile has been revamped! Not only is it easier to edit contact information, it also displays information for improved lead management.

Learn more about iProfile.

New Features: iProfile

Interests Tile

Automatically tag your contacts with different interest categories based on their activity! Use these interests to create targeted campaigns that appeal to your contacts.

Learn more about Interests.

New Features: Interests Tile

Link Shortener with Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

Convert your lengthy and uninviting links into short clickable ones that can be posted on all of your social outlets. Track the success of your links within itracMarketer and now with Google Analytics as well!

Learn more about the Link Shortener within the Social Media tile.

New Features: link shortening

Lead Scoring Tile

Know who your top contacts are with Lead Scoring! Have a pulse on who’s interacting with your online content by defining values to their individual activity. Sort your contacts by lead score and nurture your top contacts.

Learn more about Lead Scoring.

New Features: leadscoring

Email Preview

Get a sense of how your email will look across a variety of email clients and mobile devices. Ensure your emails campaigns display accurately before pressing send!

Learn more about Email Preview and Best Practices for Email Templates.

New Features: Email preview

Improved Overall Email Campaigns Report

Learn more about your email campaign and how to improve its performance with the Overall Email Campaigns Report. You can drill down deeper into your email campaign’s performance, and accurately plan and adjust for future email campaigns.

Learn more about the Lead Report and our Marketing Reports.

New Features: Improved Email Campaign report