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itracMarketer, a Canadian Email Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation technology company is proud to provide a comprehensive and automated application solution for organizations requiring Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) compliance support. Marketing professionals that have delayed implementing proper email consent requirements and procedures now have an excellent option to reduce their risk in managing their ongoing legal responsibilities with regards to their email communications.

itracMarketer responds to first CASL fine with comprehensive and automated CASL compliance solution

Sean Kenalty of itracMarketer feels that this application solution for supporting companies will allow Marketers to concentrate on their job at hand instead of looking over their shoulder worrying that they will be the next inline to be fined by the CRTC.

“Up until the first fine of $1.1 million dollars issued by the CRTC on March 5th, many companies and marketers thought that it would be some time before the CRTC actually held a business accountable for not following the Anti-Spam law.” Said Kenalty. “Also, based upon our research many businesses have either implemented simple and basic manual processes or set-up some general rules and procedures on some campaigns no different from their approach to sales or general communications. As a Canadian technology company we felt strongly that proper permission and consent management required a dedicated solution so itracMarketer has worked with CASL legal experts in Ottawa to design an application along with automated processes that make it easy for marketers to manage their email database compliance.”

On Thursday, March 5th, 2015 the CRTC announced the first penalty to a company for spamming Canadians. The recent fine that the CRTC has imposed will demonstrate to organizations that the Canadian Anti-Spam Law needs to be taken seriously. All businesses sending emails to Canadians need to ensure that professional and fully compliant processes with complete tracking and audit capabilities are in place.

“Our itracCASLManager application has many features and options to manage CASL compliance for small and medium businesses as well as Enterprise level organizations,” claims Kenalty. “Since we have introduced this product we have had tremendous response and positive feedback from existing customers as well as new customers that needed a reliable and inclusive solution to meet their needs.”

The itracCASLManager is designed is automatically tag and capture consent as well as provide options for programmed consent campaigns that can be included in regular email communications, one-off messages to individuals or even scheduled before consent dates expire. Furthermore, the application provides a complete audit trail and report for all emails that are managed in the database including storing images of landing pages and consent forms where consent was originally captured. This type of detailed functionality will ensure that companies that utilize the itracCASLManager application will be able to rest assured that any potential CRTC audit will be hassle-free and not resource intensive.

Sean Kenalty also stated “The management of email permission and consent is an ongoing effort that requires due diligence for all companies and does not begin and end with one campaign that happened a couple of times before CASL was launched. The CRTC has just started to penalize businesses that are not compliant so we recommend that companies move away from basic internal processes that might have gaps or may not be tracked properly to find a dedicated solution such as the itracCASLManager to meet their requirements.”

itracMarketer has offered to help businesses identify gaps or issues with their current CASL compliance processes with a Free CASL Audit. If you would like to take advantage of this free service email [email protected] with your contact information.

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itracMarketer is a simple and affordable CASL compliant Email marketing and marketing automation solution built for medium-sized and large Canadian business. itracMarketer powers your digital marketing with time saving automated campaigns and lead capture, is tailored for your customer interactions, and provides reliable, personal touch service.