Getting new customers is hard. Landing pages, social media, and email marketing are valuable tools for acquiring new business leads and potential clients. It is important to establish a flow of communication between your business and the client using a well planned welcome campaign and ‘on-boarding’ emails.

Convert your clients post-signup using the tools and tips from itracMarketer.

Engaging new customers with a well thought out welcome process

So you have acquired a new sign up on your site using a contact form, or sign-up option. What’s next?

Our customers already know they can build an automated workflow to send custom, personalized replies – a properly welcomed new customer is an ideal candidate to activate for relationship building and advocacy time and time again. What to write? Check out our tips below.

Explain why you are sending an email, with a clear call to action

A welcome email should have a clear statement and purpose. If the receiver is expected to perform a certain action, it should be obvious, straightforward and highly visible.

Personalize your emails and make your email contextual

Tailor a reply using any collected data from user’s profile or current steps in the sign up process. Engage your customers by making them feel that they are important and unique; while creating more relevant emails. This will create a rapport between you and your clients ensuring they are interested and involved in your product.

Stop Selling and focus on welcoming your sign up

When welcoming a new sign-up, stay away from up-selling or continue persuading the client. A successful welcome email should be about making your new sign up comfortable and open to your offer.

Grow with the first few transactions that your customers make

A welcome campaign should not overwhelm the prospective client with a series of un-related emails. Focus your replies on what the customer is doing, what their expectations are, and how to provide them with your product or service.

Hire a pro

Not sure where to start? Ask your Customer Success Manager at itracMarketer, or contact us for a quote today.