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itracMarketer vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)

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itracMarketer offers personalized support for your sales and marketing lifecycle!

  • Improved Lead Management & Scoring
  • Centralized and Local Marketing Automation for distributed organizations
  • Efficient Survey Builder
  • Easy Lead Capture
  • Anti-Spam Compliance

itracMarketer vs Salesforce Marketing Could (ExactTarget)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an established Marketing Automation platform that is known for its email marketing services for personalized customer journeys. This platform does lack certain features and is unable to meet the needs of the more sophisticated organizations requiring local marketing automation support. Compare itracMarketer vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud does not offer lead management and scoring services to its clients for managing optimal sales processes. ItracMarketer’s platform, on the other hand, allows you to automate the task of lead nurturing in a simple manner. You can also use the lead scoring function to determine the right time for reaching out to prospects.

ItracMarketer makes all sales activity easy!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is more suited for small-sized businesses due to its lack of certain localized marketing features. In comparison to this platform, itracMarketer is ideal for multi-location or distributed organizations that are looking for tools to personalize and localize their marketing efforts across different regions and locations for more impact. With features such as asset management, permission management and centralized marketing control, you will be able to not only increase engagement with customers, but also monitor brand consistency in your messages.

ItracMarketer meets all your distributed marketing needs!

ItracMarketer’s built-in survey tool makes it easy for you to conduct research and capture insights from customers to improve your marketing operations. While Salesforce Marketing Cloud may not offer such a tool, itracMarketer takes the step even further by accommodating for your requirements and even automating lead nurture sequences.
ItracMarketer’s built-in landing page feature and lead capturing tool work together to make webforms for your specific needs. These capture responses, which can then be used for optimal conversions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, unfortunately, does not offer a landing page builder, any templates or complimentary lead capturing services.
Many countries around the world are enforcing stricter Anti-Spam and Privacy Laws to combat increasing fraudulent activities in the digital landscape. Canada, for example, has made it a legal requirement for businesses to obtain consent from customers before they can send commercial electronic messages (CEMs). If one fails to comply with these legislations, they will be subjected to both legal and financial risks. In order to avoid that, one must invest in anti-spam compliance mechanisms.

ItracMarketer’s Anti-Spam Compliance Manager and CASL function easily automates the tedious task of tracking and tagging contact information, and others that are required by regulatory agencies. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in comparison, does not offer such a comprehensive anti-spam compliant tool.

itracMarketer vs Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Features itracMarketer Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email Marketing

Email Templates

Email Template Editor

Email Campaign Reports

Cross-Device Previews



Customer Relationship Manager

CRM Integration

Lead Ranking/Scoring

Landing Page and Form Builder

Lead Capture

Survey Builder

Social Media Integration

Social Media Posting


Website Activity Tracking


Calendar/Task Manager

API Capabilities

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Distributed Marketing/Localized Marketing

Centralized Marketing Control

Marketing Asset Management

Permissions-Based Templates

On behalf of email marketing

On behalf of social media marketing

CASL Compliance Manager

Not Included

Available Support Services

Full Service

Email/Phone Support

Event Management


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