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itracMarketer vs Infusionsoft

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itracMarketer is the holistic Marketing Automation solution you’ve been looking for!

  • Improved Social Media Integration
  • Centralized and Local Marketing Automation for distributed organizations
  • Easy Cross-Device Solutions
  • Efficient Survey Builder
  • Anti-Spam Compliance

itracMarketer vs Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an established Marketing Automation Software provider, which features email and social media marketing capabilities targeted to small businesses. While cost effective, the platform does lacks certain features and is unable to meet the needs of the more sophisticated organizations, requiring local marketing automation support. Compare itracMarketer vs Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft is offering a third-party social media integration channel to its clients. ItracMarketer’s built-in social media tools, in comparison, offer more control and efficiency under one platform, and will lead to optimal social conversions. With itracMarketer, you can easily power up your social media promotions to drive deeper connections with customers.
Infusionsoft’s software is targeted to small businesses or business with only one location due to its lack of localized marketing features.

On the other hand, itracMarketer successfully caters to medium, large or enterprise businesses by providing localized sales and marketing support. With itracMarketer, you can have the ability to personalize and localize your marketing messages through tools such as asset management, approvals, permission management and centralized marketing control.

ItracMarketer’s distributed marketing capabilities can help you increase customer engagement for the win!

ItracMarketer is a platform that features cross-device mechanisms for clients to run successful digital marketing campaigns.

With this solution, you can actively engage with customers through mobile devices, while also getting the opportunity to run analytics for more powerful conversions.

Having the ability to record customer responses and insights for marketing purposes is key. While Infusionsoft’s software may not offer a form or survey builder, itracMarketer does. With this easy-to-use feature, you can use the recorded data for customer profiles and trigger any follow-up processes necessary.
Anti-Spam and Privacy laws are placing more and more restrictions on businesses around the globe. Some countries, such as Canada, have made the act of obtaining consent prior to sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) a legal requirement. The long-term solution for this concern would be to invest in a comprehensive anti-spam compliance mechanism.

While Infusionsoft does not offer any such features, lucky for you, itracMarketer does. With its Anti-Spam Compliance Manager and CASL function, itracMarketer seamlessly automates the tedious and lengthy tasks of managing consent expiration data, tagging and tracking individual contacts and much more.

itracMarketer vs Infusionsoft

Features itracMarketer Infusionsoft

Email Marketing

Email Templates

Email Template Editor

Email Campaign Reports

Cross-Device Previews


Customer Relationship Manager

CRM Integration

Lead Ranking/Scoring

Landing Page and Form Builder

Lead Capture

Survey Builder

Social Media Integration


Social Media Posting


Website Activity Tracking


Calendar/Task Manager

API Capabilities

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Distributed Marketing/Localized Marketing

Centralized Marketing Control

Marketing Asset Management

Permissions-Based Templates

On behalf of email marketing

On behalf of social media marketing

CASL Compliance Manager

Not Included

Available Support Services

Full Service

Email/Phone Support

Event Management


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